Which Habits do we Enjoy?

Change your Dependence with Hypnosis

2/22/20231 min read

Is your "Habit" an Addiction?

What habits do we enjoy and which just feel like addictions? Let’s face it, we are creatures of habit.

Whether its dessert after dinner or taking a walk, some habits are more beneficial than others. Our morning ritual of of a cup of hot tea or coffee can feel like such a treat we might even look forward to it before we go to sleep. Watching a movie on a Friday night after a long week can be another enjoyable habit. When do we know if a habit is an addiction? If the habit is making you feel guilty, then you are becoming a slave to that thing. Many of my clients used to enjoy smoking when they were younger. The habit of smoking when having a drink can quickly transform into an addiction. An addiction is not pleasant because it is a necessity not a treat.

To change the way you view your addiction whether it is to smoking cigarettes or eating sugar, experience hypnosis. Hypnosis will re-program the way you associate your addiction. Even though you may currently know that it is harmful for you there is still that voice in you, that part of you that craves it. So there has to be something different you can do, instead of letting that addiction have power over you, the strong and wise human being that you are.