When you're Obsessed with a Person

Overcoming Unhealthy Obsession

5/26/20231 min read

stop being obsessed with someone using hypnosis
stop being obsessed with someone using hypnosis

Hypnosis for help being obsessed with a person

It is an unfulfilling cycle. Checking up on another person, measuring your life against theirs. And the obsession can be easily fed with social media. You no longer have to wonder what your ex is up to, or a crush, you can just check their feed.

With my hypnosis coaching, I help people overcome their addictions, and many times it is stalking, for lack of a better term. Take back your power and sense of dignity.

When you make the decision to change this unfulfilling habit, feel free to schedule a consultation for a hypnosis session. They can be done over the phone, on Zoom, and your information is confidential. It can be a sensitive, embarrassing topic for some, but my job is not to judge, it is for leading you to transformation.