Shamanic Journeying for Love


1/18/20221 min read

One of my clients, lets call her Lucinda was so ready to meet her man. She felt like she knew that he was waiting for her too. I suggested a shamanic journey to meet him.

I brought her into a trance state and guided her into a romantic setting where she would meet this man. Lucinda was smiling and crying at the same time during her journey. I guided her into feeling that excitement and connection of meeting someone.

Directly after the journey, Lucinda took off a metal dagger she was wearing around her neck. She said it did not feel like it matched her any longer. I did not ask why, but I could tell she was softened by the experience. Her face had softened around her mouth, and even her voice was a bit different. Perhaps being in the presence of her dream man, and having the feeling she was not alone anymore made her take off some of her warrior defenses because she felt protected.

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between physically real or imagined, and feeling states are very real to the whole body. Weeks later she called me excited telling me she met a man. He was visiting and lived in another state but she felt that was fine because she wanted to take things slow and the distance made it feel very comfortable for her.

She said she did not know if the was "the one" but she felt excited and that was important for her because that is what she wanted to feel again; sexy and excited.