The Bridge of Forgiveness

Releasing the pain of yesterday


6/1/20220 min read

Building Bridges from Past to Present with Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be a process for some of us that takes years. Many people travel the world to go on psychedelic retreats for forgiveness or go to a therapist for half of their life until they are ready to go forgive their past. We are the ones that are the most critical and judgmental on ourselves. Hopefully now we realize how much more deserving we are of harmonious relationships than the ones we had in the past. Still our own inner critic can do more damage than criticism from other people. Forgiveness releases the burden that can tighten the chest and bloat the belly. This anger can be stored in our body. That is why you hear my blood is boiling when talking about something that makes you angry. This anger can keep us locked in the past because we have not let the resentment go.

Forgive yourself for trusting others and getting hurt for not seeing their true intentions. Forgiveness does not condone another’s actions. Having compassion for someone does not mean you have to accept them back into your life. Have compassion that they are a damaged person who cannot act from a place of wholeness. Compassion does not negate responsibility. Understanding does not relinquish your need for respect. Personally I have let go of many friendships and thought cutting people out of my life was forgiveness. But what it really did was build a cold wall around my heart. I most importantly had to forgive myself for accepting disrespect. Now I know, and the process of forgiveness begins, and my body feels much better for it.

If you are having problems forgiving yourself or an ex, I offer sessions that will allow you closure without even talking to that person. Please contact me to schedule: Annie 213-921-1667