Tips from a Hypnotist for Falling Asleep

A good night's sleep...Finally


5/28/20221 min read

For many of us the bed can be a second office. Instead of drifting off to sleep easily, we remember everything we have to do, things we wish we would have said, or just let our mind wander. How do you turn your bedroom into a place of rest? Here are 3 tips to help you fall asleep.

1. Turn the brightness on your phone all the way down. Hopefully you are just bringing your phone to bed to do a meditation to fall asleep. The bright screen can strain your eyes and is the exact opposite thing you want to look at since when you close your eyes you can still see the illumination of your phone for at least a minute. You can even put the webpages in battery saving mode. Try to avoid looking at the news on your phone before you go to sleep. This can disturb you and send your mind into reviewing all of the devastating news instead of focusing on relaxing.

  1. Tell yourself you are going to get a good nights rest. Do not focus on how many hours you have until you have to wake up. Repeat to yourself that these hours you fall asleep are going to be very restful. This is how affirmations work, telling your mind something until you believe it enough that it happens. This is also what we do during hypnosis to fall asleep session. We embed these suggestions into your subconscious, that you fall asleep

    1. Listen to a guided meditation or sleep hypnosis . I have included the one I recorded below.