How does Hypnotherapy Help with Addiction?

How Hypnotherapy can help with Addiction


3/14/20221 min read

Hypnotherapy helps with addiction by working with the subconscious. During a hypnosis session, the specialist brings the patient into a very relaxed state otherwise known as a trance. The logical mind does its job in the beginning by questioning everything if it is working, but eventually it surrenders to the journey. While in this relaxed state, the subconscious mind receives suggestions from the specialist. and it takes these suggestions as real because it does not know the difference between real and imagined. The deeper part of the mind is going on this journey into themselves where they greet their younger self inside and begin to feel the void they were previously filling with the substance that used to control their life. It is this part of the mind that treats the addiction because turns its focus into what is healthy for it, instead of harming it. The association with the substance or pattern changes. So it is no longer a necessary habit but instead it is something that holds them back from this stronger version of themselves they encountered during this relaxed state.

Hypnosis for addiction is a type of subconscious re-programming and sets the person back to factory mode.

For some people the addiction is not a substance, but a way of thinking

*Please note that the addictions I have treated are for smoking, cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol, shopping, pain and guilt. If it is an addiction with heroine or pharmaceuticals the person will need to consult a clinic for treating the chemical imbalance. Hypnosis helps with the mental association and the cravings.

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