Defending Oursleves in the Matrix

Creating Strength in your Energy field. Protection

6/24/20220 min read

Some people cannot really help themselves. They are jealous and/or bitter people all over the planet. And guess what they cannot stand? Your joy! Haters look at you wondering if you are on drugs or what the f*** is so funny. And then if you are sensitive you pick up on that and get tired and feel drained because of other jealous “evil eyes” on you. Maybe it sounds narcissistic to you to think that everyone is looking at you or paying attention. And it’s not everyone, but it's someone. And when you're psychically developing, the weird vibes feel super strong.

Many people wear a red string or bracelet with eyes on it, to protect themselves from these energies. For me I have used those and it is like putting on a piece of armor if you give any piece of jewelry that intention. Use what you have, and one thing you always have is your energy and imagination so you can use both of those I am going to lead a practice that will do just what this evil eye bracelet does, except with your own energy, so you are completely self sufficient.

This practice will help you to feel stronger and more secure. You can do it with your eyes open or closed.

First step we start with a nice deep breath. Imagine you are standing underneath a beautiful beam of light. And as you stand underneath this light you start to bring it in. Imagine visualize pretend you are breathing in this light. Just allow this light to enter your body, this light will spread slowly and comfortably. As it does it will help you to gradually relax. Breathe in this comforting light, and breathe out the worries and fears. Breathe in the strength. Breathe out the negativity you have been holding onto. Start to feel this light going through your whole body. And imagine this light is filled your whole body and now this light forms cocccon around you, and as you breathe this light grows bigger around you. This light around you will bounce off everything that you do not want. Inside this beautiful cocoon, you can stay centered and focused. NO matter where you go, you can be the best version of yourself, inside this cocoon. By now you may feel tingling, know this practice is working and if its working then the better you are feeling and the better your life will be. Keep breathing in this beautiful light and allow this sweetness to fill you up. Continue to imagine this soft healing light that surrounds you. This light will energize you and help you have these graceful boundaries anywhere you are.

The recorded version is below