Hypnosis for Social Anxiety

How Hypnosis can help social anxiety


3/3/20221 min read

When we got out of lockdown, many of us had even worse social anxiety than before. Hypnotherapy is one of the alternate ways to help you transform this anxiety without taking any pharmaceuticals or committing to years of therapy. When you do hypnotherapy you are working with your subconscious. Looking at the root word sub, like submarine, this indicates that there is something beneath the surface. What is under the social anxiety? There could be childhood fears, fear of bacteria, or fear of rejection to name a few possibilities. While you are in hypnotic trance, your subconscious mind does not know the difference between physically real or imagined, and the imagination state is perceived as real. This is why hypnosis is effective because suggestions are embedded in this deep consciousness state so you can come into the real world believing that you are once again confident and assured in public of your well being. Hypnosis may also include regression back to the time of when the fear was real if there was an event that marked the reason for your social anxiety. Everyone has their reasons and this is why people experience hypnotherapy in multiple ways, but it works to overcome your social anxiety, so you feel like you have the tools and the inner strength to be in public and social situations with more ease.

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