I feel Depressed Vs. I am Depressed

Hypnosis and Coaching to Improve your mood

9/20/20221 min read

Identify the pain that you have been experiencing. Depression, resentment, disappointment, are probably not the first time they're happening.

Maybe depression for you is like a baby blanket that you hold onto for comfort, to validate your feelings of having gone through so much, or from being the righteous one in a relationship. You deserve to let yourself feel.

How long though, will you allow the groundhog’s day to reappear day in and day out? When depression comes to me it wants to cover me like a blanket, or a makeshift fort of blankets and pillows in my room that blocks out the rest of my world. Depression can be selfish, wanting all of your attention.

Remember that even though you may feel depressed, you do not have to identify as depressed. There is a difference in saying I am depressed and I feel depressed.

Don’t hand yourself over to depression like a prisoner, relinquishing all of your personal possessions and wins just to be seated behind the cold iron bars of depression that keep you in a heavy state. The part of you that wants to grasp onto depression for your trophy of retribution for all that you have been through can still win without BEING depressed.

Remember I feel depressed, not I am depressed. This begins the mental discipline to differentiate who you are. Be powerful instead, be fulfilled, be proud of yourself for overcoming tragedies and heaviness.

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