Can you Meditate Wrong?

The growing pains of the practice..


5/5/20221 min read

When I used to try to meditate by myself just sitting or laying relaxed. I felt it definitely did not work. It was basically just me laying down, thinking about random things. Does this mean I was meditating wrong? Because to me it felt more like I was doing nothing. I felt more frustrated usually after meditating, like I was not good at it , and what was the point. Being unattached to my thoughts was not working. "Let the thoughts go by like clouds." I would hop on each "thought cloud" and see where it took me. Was that part of my learning process, to have all thoughts come rushing constantly? Perhaps.

Meditation is called a meditation practice. The mind is the one that is making constant demands all day, so meditation is a time to monitor the mind. If your mind is out of control with thoughts, this is the beginning to the practice, it's not doing it wrong. If your sitting to meditate and your in observation mode of the mind, you are practicing. The mind has been "unsupervised" for years perhaps and and noticing the thoughts instead of agreeing with the thoughts is new. Otherwise you would believe every thought that came to you and go down the rabbit hole with each one, which is just called thinking. If you are not aware that you follow the lead of each thought, then you are doing it wrong because thats just going along with your thoughts. Do you see where I am going with this now?

So if you believe every thought you think, then you are doing it wrong.