What is Behind Bad Vibes?

What are bad vibes and how to move up on the vibrational scale

9/18/20221 min read

What is behind bad vibes?

Bad vibes are when you feel contracted, or small. The lowest vibes on the scale are shame or guilt. Can you remember the last time you felt that way and how horrible you felt? It is not a vibe you want to be in for long. How to get out of a bad vibe?

Here are my 3 tips:




Accept you are feeling very bad but try to Remember this is an emotional state passing through you, it is not you its just a non permanent state. I'm feeling very… move through it so you can transmute the feeling. Pillow scream, air punch, scribble on a paper . Breathe. Anger can create a lot of heat in the body and shame can create contracting feeling small So you want to expand the breath into the lungs and stomach Know what is a good vibe.

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