Somatic Breathing Technique for Overactive Mind

Bring your awareness into your Body with this simple technique

9/25/20220 min read

I want to share a technique to improve your mood, especially when your mind is cycling through mental garbage.

I call it Taking the Elevator down. When the mental state is overactive, we take our imagination on a date down to our chest. Bringing awareness into another part of the body is a caring technique because it brings us into the present. it takes our attention from our airiness down into what is solid, earthy our body. What is currently existing instead of what we think could possibly Happen.

When your mind is overactive, just close your eyes and imagine you are taking an elevator down into your heart, and breathe BIG into your chest. Feel the expansion and space that is available for you in your OWN BODY.

Hypnosis can also help with the overactive mind by turning on the imagination to go into the subconscious, the mind will follow and surrender to the relaxation. Book a session with Annie Latta, and receive a recorded journey for you to alleviate the stress of anxiety with hypnosis.