Does Hypnosis work for Children?

How old do you have to be to get hypnotized...


5/17/20221 min read

Parents often worry there is something wrong with their child. Their focus issues, inability to sleep alone, or listening abilities. The minimum age to get hypnotized is four years old. When a child goes into a hypnotherapy session, the language that is used is very different. Their imagination is already so active, so it is working with their imagination to direct it to the journey.

Children can "meet" their power animal that can be with them when they are scared and will help them to feel brave. They can call on their magical sword to cut off their attachments to mean words, and they can journey on a cloud as a method to fall asleep.

The sessions may start off being shorter in length to introduce the child to the process, and of course the parent is present whether on zoom or in person. The sessions are also recorded so they can listen to them again before they go to sleep.

It is a creative journey when kids get hypnotherapy and if your child is over the age of four it is a great alternative to give them more tools to cope in life as they grow to become more self sufficient.