An Easy Way to Re-Energize yourself after a Long Day

Shaking it off


3/1/20221 min read

We have all seen dogs shake themselves off when they are wet. However dogs will also shake off after interactions with other dogs, or sometimes after being held. Perhaps many other animals do this as well, but I have seen my dog shake it off many times a day.

The term "shake it off" is also heard by coaches when they are mentoring the team, and tell the athlete to shake it off after they have been fouled, missed the shot, or suffered a very minor injury. But do we ever literally shake it off?

Adding these shakes to our routine is good for our mental capacity and it is also good for our joints.

To shake off the day, simply shake each limb like you are trying to air dry your hands and your arms. You can also do it laying on your back so you can shake your arms and legs at the same time.

Tell yourself you are shaking off what does not belong to you. Command that you are shaking off anything that is not yours and anyone elses's energy. You can insert specific words that describe the feelings you want to release. Tell yourself you are shaking off the stress and frustrations from the day, as you shake your hips side to side. It will bring out your inner child and also loosen up your fascia.

Some stress may not be that easy to shake off. There may always be a pervading sense of doom that there is still more to do. Hypnosis can be used to reprogram that sense of dread and the feeling of being used to being in a high stress level. Hypnosis for stress : Call me to book your session. 213-921-1667