Can Hypnosis Help with Jealousy?

Jealousy and building Confidence with hypnotherapy

8/11/20220 min read

Can Hypnosis help with jealousy?

The fear that someone else is better than us and we are not enough is all too real for some of us that experience jealousy. Even when we are supposed to be happy for other people, there can be a sting of jealousy, whether its between family members, co-workers, or people we believe to be more physically attractive than us, Jealousy can grip us with an unpleasant lack of confidence and fear that we are not enough of something.

How does hypnosis help with jealousy? Hypnotherapy can take you into a trance where you are unlocking the subconscious and communicating with it directly. By way of suggestion the subconscious mind begins to integrate this new idea of increased self worth.

When we value our self and the unique essence that we are, the jealousy and competitive nature becomes irrelevant. Because that person is another flavor and attracts a different set of preferences. Strengthening our confidence in hypnosis is another way of eliminating jealous thoughts and passive aggressive anger towards someone we are jealous of. Because we re-route the self deprecating thoughts to ones of compassion instead with hypnosis, our confidence increases. We value ourselves more and therefore do not have to be afraid of others taking away our self worth because it is our own special place inside that we have accessed and strengthened.

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