What are Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety?

Relaxation techniques for anxiety


3/16/20221 min read

Sometimes we do not even realize how much anxiety we had until we are relaxed! How to realize when you are in a moment of high anxiety and how to stop it from spiraling deeper: become mindful of your body.

Notice where your tongue is in your mouth. Bringing mindfulness to this region of the mouth that so often holds tension is a great place to start and droop your focus into awareness. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind your two front teeth. With your tongue resting there. it is in a position where the jaw can relax and be unclenched,

Anxiety can provoke other areas besides our jaw to tense up as well, And as a former massage therapist, I can tell you that the tension from anxiety and stress builds up in the neck and the traps ( the top of the shoulders) and forms nuggets of stress that most of us just live with until it becomes rock hard fascia. To let some of that stress go, do the "whatever" shrug. Squeeze your shoulders up towards your ears moving them up as high as possible , and then just let them drop down, Coordinate the shoulder drop with a nice juicy exhale. As you inhale bring your shoulders up to the ears, feeling the squeeze, and then poof. exhale and let them drop. This will also remind you to keep your shoulders down, as anxiety can provoke our shoulders to clench up. Do this at least a few times a day to embody the feeling of getting the weight off worrying off your shoulders!