Replacing Un-kind Thoughts

Re Route the mind with your own mothering energy

9/26/20220 min read

Energy is currency don't spend it all going down a rabbit hole.

Train your thoughts to go down new roads, and set up roadblocks when you find yourself worrying or thinking negative. Those roadblocks, could be affirmations such as all of my needs are met. Or love, abundance and peace be with me. Be a mother to yourself and nourish the inner critic by re-directing any harsh or unkind thoughts with love.

How would a mother with unconditional love talk to you? This voice you can birth within yourself to be that kind mother to your mental state.

I offer hypnosis sessions to re program the negative self talk, to accept yourself in every moment. This peace is possible. Call Annie to schedule your hypnosis session and unconditionally love yourself.

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