Hypnosis for Alcohol Cravings

How does hypnosis help with alcohol cravings


3/15/20221 min read

Hypnosis provides a re-set for the mind. The mind is what is craving the alcohol for the reward it is associating with drinking it; in the belief that it provides relief or liberation. The alcohol has been assigned by the mind as something that will make it feel better. With hypnosis, this association will change. During the session the subconscious mind is programmed to associate the alcohol with bitter and acidic flavor that immediately incites a headache. Even deeper than that, it will be associated with the shame of disappointing themselves and their loved ones, and getting in the way of their goals. Once it has assigned the alcohol of having these un-desirable effects, it will cease to be a craving for pleasure. Depending on the client's sensitivity, the hypnotist will even associate the alcohol with disappointment from loved ones.

Hypnosis for alcohol cravings rewires the mind to crave what is healthy for it instead. The session takes the client on a journey into integration with this new version of themselves that is in the best shape and goes after their goals and achieves them. The specialist will teach the client breathing and grounding techniques to replace the habits. As well as suggestions for snacks.

But not to fear, the client will not be left out in the cold for what to replace this craving. We will have tools and plan what to do during moments of high anxiety or struggle.

*Please note that hypnotists are not nutritionists, and counsel of what your body requires should be with a registered dietician