Hypnotherapy for Panic

Tired of not having a clear direction after freaking out?


11/16/20211 min read

Can hypnotherapy help with panic attacks?

Sometimes we cannot know exactly what sets off a panic attack, the sense of dread and anxiety comes creeping up and before we know it, a shortness of breath happens, and then boom the freak out.

We all may not be blessed with supportive partners or friends who know how to handle our situation.

When we are calm it is easy to remember breathing techniques or how to change the thought that is freaking us out. There could be a series of concerns that have added up to a blow up. As someone who has experienced panic attacks, I make a point to examine which cherry on top really made me blow up. 

Is there a root we can pull out with hypnotherapy?

Of course seeing a doctor is always recommended , because I am not a doctor. However, we visit your subconscious mind and can re visit your childhood. Is there a time before you had panic attacks that you can remember? You may not consciously remember and during hypnosis and regression your mind will know where to take you. There is a part of your inner child that can be comforted and sorted back into shape being assured of safety and success. 

Hypnosis is the most relaxed state you can be in where you experience dual consciousness.

If you have experienced the most stressful frightful states, I invite you to try out the other end of the spectrum.