Hypnosis for Confidence

Hypnosis for Confidence and to Release Anxiety


3/6/20220 min read

Hypnosis is seen as a performance or for comedy shows to get people to do crazy things, Yes we all have seen that side of hypnosis that leaves many of us to have an apprehension towards it. However hypnosis can help with anxiety patterns that are deeply rooted in your subconscious.

Nervousness and anxiety are the result of many issues that are locked into the subconscious. For some of us it may have been growing up in an environment where we felt unsafe, or were in fear of being punished. There can still be a part of us that thinks we are going to "get in trouble" thereby having nervous energy surrounding what we do at times. Or we may have been teased as a kid and are afraid of someone else rejecting what we say or making fun of us so we are afraid to speak in a crowd of people. Whatever the reason, we are usually not consciously aware of why we are nervous or anxious, it just becomes habitual.

When you have a hypnosis session, you are guided into a state of mind where you so relaxed, the subconscious levels can be explored, and your hypnotherapist can embed suggestions into your subconscious to counteract theses limiting beliefs or memories that keep you locked in memories.

So whatever your experience was as a child seeing hypnosis at the fair or in the movies, I ask you to give your view of hypnosis a second look, as we are in 2022 now and everything has evolved and we have the opportunity to de-program ourselves with hypnosis.

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