What is Hypnotherapy for Anxiety?

How Hypnotherapy works for anxiety


3/13/20221 min read

Anxiety comes to people for a variety of reasons; expectations at work, appeasing their spouse, or social presence to name a few. So when people seek out hypnotherapy for anxiety, it is important to know when does the anxiety happen? Or is it a constant state of nervousness?

During the hypnosis session, the client has their eyes closed ( not what the movies show watching the pocket watch go side to side) and they are led into a deeply relaxed state. The hypnotist embeds suggestions while they are in this deeper state of consciousness that is being actively explored. The subconscious will believe these suggestions of confidence, and ease are real during this level of trance. The session is a journey, where the client will be led back into their childhood or into the future, depending on the worries of the client. Hypnosis has been proven to reduce anxiety after one session and people experience the deepest levels of mental relaxation, so they come away with more awareness, tools, and inner knowing.