What Meditation is good for Anxiety

What kind of meditation reduces anxiety


3/30/20221 min read

Meditation brings you into the present moment. A disclaimer first though, there is a reason why it is called meditation PRACTICE. Just like when you first try out anything new, you cannot expect perfect performance, a.k.a a silent mind. We cannot expect a clean slate when we close our eyes that we will be able to experience a state of nothingness immediately.

For many people, a meditation that is good for anxiety is one that uses the imagination. This is because the mind gets assigned to creating a story and instead of spiraling down into anxiousness it follows along the guided imagery. It takes practice to stay focused on the meditation, but like with most things with practice it feels more natural. But by giving the mind a task to follow that leads them into relaxing imagery, it is easier than just expecting an overactive mind to only focus on their breath and not think of anything. Those kind of expectations of silence in the mind can lead to frustration when trying out meditation because it is not an easy task to turn off the mind. This is why a guided meditation that uses imagination is ideal for overactive thinking that happens with anxiety. Redirect it!

To try out a guided meditation for anxiety, watch the video below.