Navigating our way through Grief

How can we move through a loss


5/23/20221 min read

Grief means that you have loved someone deeply in your heart and soul. When we experience grief, it is as if that person or being took out a piece of us with them when they left this planet. Their memories roll down our face as tears. The guilt of what we did not do or say to them hangs heavy in our hearts. But remember that these are low and heavy vibrations that stagnate our energy. Let yourself transmute the pain of their absence through creative expression such as poetry or painting. This is your soul’s way of sending their soul off with love because your soul is speaking through what you create.

I offer soul journeys, where I lead you into collecting back these parts of yourself that you have given away. This especially can happen when someone dear to us dies, and may not realize that part of us may have died too with them, Reclaim your essence, it does not mean you love that person any less, it is allowing yourself to experience joy again and have all of you back in this realm. If you would like to schedule a session to help your soul recuperate after a death, please contact me and we can arrange it over zoom. Annie 213-921-1667