Meditation and Practice

Guided Meditation is like Reading a book


5/6/20220 min read

Guided meditation can be like reading a book. You read the story and your mind believes it. Follow the story and grow to love the characters. With guided meditation it is similar because you listen to the relaxing story and believe it. Of course you may drift off just like when you read. Sometimes you read a few lines and then think what did I just read, because you get distracted. Then you just read the lines again. Same happens with meditation, you may drift off to thinking about other to do lists, then you drift the mind back to follow the meditation. Maybe you are not deeply engaged to focus completely. This is why it is a practice, the more meditations you follow the deeper you can go. You will see how you like to go on your meditation journey, laying down, with an incense, after drinking a hot cup of tea, make it your special relaxation time to signal to your body that's what it's about to do. This is why it is important to do a guided meditation with a voice you like, and a journey that you enjoy as well. Just like reading a book, you do not want to read more of a book that does not engage you.

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