Getting to the Root of Anger

Managing our Subconscious Anger...

7/1/20221 min read

.How do we give justice to this anger brewing safely inside of us?

Good bad, pure and evil we can choose a side and villainize the other . Maybe we are not even angry at a person, it’s a whole group of people and their roles in the world that we live in, who or what we believe they represent. So why can’t we vent it out and be done with it? Unless you are formulating a legal case, counting the reasons why the “other “side sucks just keeps you under the spell of anger.

One idea is to look to its root: What is the fear here? Fear of loss of control? That we are unsafe? Are we afraid that said person/people can disempower us? Kill us? Are we afraid that we are not powerful enough? Are we afraid we do not have enough? Fear is underneath anger., ne of its “roots” Energy cannot be destroyed. So that means we have to transform it. Anger can make you feel even more contracted to move into resentment and desire of revenge. Or you can expand up into courage to conquer the reasons your angry therefore taking your pride and dignity back into you. So how can we transform anger to feel proud of ourselves?

If getting to the root of something like doing shadow work makes you feel proud, get yourself a journal pen, press pause on your life for a moment.

Who or what are you angry with and what do they make you fear? Is this anger helping me in any way? In what ways can I transform this anger so I feel more at peace?

Below is the recorded guided session: