Grief-Riding the Journey

The frightening part of the Journey


5/25/20221 min read

Death of a loved one changes our world. All of the things that used to seem urgent, are not so important. The memories of this person bubble up as tears, the only part that seems real is our grief. But what If you have the capacity to help send this soul into their new portal? Sending the soul off with our prayers and encouraging their journey to pass through the veil is a mission that transcends grief. Although your grief may be directed towards wanting their spirit close, we ultimately want their spirit to transcend to the astral realm. If their spirits hang around they are stuck in the middle world, unwilling to detach and surrender, stalking their former dwellings. Let them go so they can discover what it is like without a body and not be tethered to our material world. See their spirit like etheric gas soaring and acclimating with the stars. Imagine a pearly gate opening up to receive them. Both sides want each other to be okay. Souls will hold on to their earthbound life when there is unfinished business. This is not the same for our end because we are still here. So if you still have something to say to them, express it creatively, this creative energy comes from your soul and is a universal language that will be echoed through to them. Although we may not be ready to accept the timing of their departure, we can send this love as gasoline for them to continue into their sacred journey unseen by us. .Maybe some call this “escapism” I call it focused imagination and it feels much better than sorrow.