Help with Addiction

The truth about addiction, finding freedom with hypnosis


5/3/20221 min read

The thing that gives you freedom will also take it from you.

A friend of mine shared this piece of wisdom with me from her grandfather. We were both in the process of taking a break from the party scene. She had stopped smoking marijuana and I had stopped drinking alcohol. Both of us agreed they were liberating to us, but our time with them was finished. What we use to free ourselves from the stress of society and our obligations can take our freedom too. If we use it, when does it start using us? Making us depend on its effects over us How do we relax without alcohol or smoking? Taking a break from substances and really questioning why we are using them is obviously not easy. We can make so many excuses. Hypnosis for addictions has been so healing to my clients and myself because we go on a journey, back to the past and into the experience of their younger self. There is always some healing that is done when you decide to give up an addiction. Something was swept under the rug. And once you learn more about yourself, you are empowered and your integrity is strengthened. You do not have to be a slave to the substance. Contact Annie to see if a hypnosis session would be a good fit for your circumstance. 213-921-1667