What Helps Alcohol Cravings

How to Kick Alcohol Cravings


3/19/20221 min read

Alcohol cravings are from our mind believing we are getting a reward by drinking the alcohol. The reward is pleasure. Alcohol is associated with a day of hard work, taking the edge off, as a necessary meal pairing or as social assistance to name some popular reasons. Now why would we want to deny ourselves the pleasure so the craving continues because you deserve that relief!

The way to kick alcohol cravings is to change the way your mind thinks about alcohol. Alcohol can be associated with bitterness, acidity, and headaches. Alcohol cravings can go away once you have associated the alcohol with being disgusting. Do you remember when you tried your first drink? Usually it was stinging your mouth and throat and most of us needed a "chaser" to wash away the actual taste of the alcohol.

Even though many people enjoy the taste of beer, what about the sensation of a bloated belly after one pint?

There are unpleasant effects of every kind of alcohol if you let it sit in your mouth long enough!

How is this possible to truly convince yourself that is the result of drinking what you used to crave? Through Hypnosis, we can access the subconscious and reset the the belief that alcohol is not pleasurable. Hypnosis can reprogram that craving so it does not make you feel like you are missing out on anything, instead you will feel more confident and proud of yourself. Isn't that better than feeling the guilt and shame after a day of drinking.

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