Learning Meditation Based on Your Soul Style

Variety of Meditations and how you can Choose

8/21/20231 min read

Meditation styles
Meditation styles

There is no one meditation fits all for us, some of us can imagine better using our feelings, connecting to a sense of knowing, or it could be our sense of smell, or even just feeling how comfortable our body is while it's relaxed, and tuning into each part of how our body feels. This is also why lighting an incense or sage, spraying a perfume is connected to our spirits feeling settled into our body. It sends the signal to our brain that we feel good, and become present just by engaging with the sensation of smell.
💎 What is it you wish to achieve in your life, or feel more of?
🧘‍♀️ To feel more connected: I recommend meditating with the 4 directions, and elements-each of the elements, the power and transformation of the fire, the opportunity to change with the wind, the ability to be flexible with the water, and the stability of the earth.
🧠 Are you an over thinker or do you enjoy tuning “out” with tv or the internet? Tune into following a guided meditation and go on a journey into the subconscious with hypnosis.
🗺 Looking to just relax the mind? Take the elevator into your body with progressive muscle relaxation.

Meditation Based on your Soul's Path