Hypnosis in Hollywood

Hypnosis and your Free Will

4/4/20231 min read

In the movies, hypnosis is usually the target of psycho-thrillers. The hypnotist is typically conspiring a scheme and people are being manipulated to become a pawn to someone with a deep voice and a nice suit. A new movie called Hypnotic with Ben Affleck is coming out. The preview shows a woman being told by a man with a hypnotic voice how hot it is. This power of suggestion leads her to take her shirt off and walk through the street in a bra. Although I have not seen the movie, it is just another example of how hypnosis is villainized in Hollywood.

How can a hypnotist be trusted? If a hypnotist is advertising that they will make you fall in love with them and take off your clothes, that is a different line of work. People will know why they are going to the session. Like any industry, our success as hypnotists depends on the success of our clients. Each of my clients has the free will to open their eyes during the session if something is too unpleasant. And in all my years I have never had a client open their eyes. Even if they end up crying, this is their progress of identifying and nourishing that part of themselves that needed a "release".

Nothing can be done against your will even in hypnosis. That is why I do not accept clients who come because of their husband or wife, they have to want to do the change for themselves. I cannot make you do something  un-ethical no matter how deep the trance is, because in trance you are not even asleep you have the power to open your eyes.

I have to clarify this because movies keep coming out showing hypnotists as manipulative accessory to a crime. My hypnosis sessions are for life improvements, and although Hollywood makes it harder for you to trust well intentioned hypnotists, I will continue to offer sessions and change people's associations.