Hypnosis for Social Media Stalking

Neurotic Social Media Behavior-fix it with Hypnosis

1/5/20231 min read

What is hidden behind your social media stalking?

Competition, comparison, validation What does she have that I don't? How can I be more appealing?

Why do we need that..

Sometimes we know that we are the one being inappropriate. Has he checked my story? Have they posted yet? Going down a rabbit hole to find out the latest update for someone who may not be present in our actual lives, whether its an ex or a crush, can become a neurotic habit.

Where do we draw the line?

When we do something that we are not proud of, afterwards it brings in feelings of guilt and even shame. Both Guilt and shame are very low vibrations. In other words, it is a state in your mind and body that does not feel good. This can lead to more addictive patterns, or self deprecating thoughts. First we can admit, that this behavior needs to improve and it is unacceptable. Decide to hold yourself to a new level of integrity. Finding a way to avoid this cycle completely,try a hypnosis session with. If you have never tried hypnosis, it is a helpful way to lift some weight and change the narrative of what you tell yourself about this habit. Take back the power that this habit is draining from your energy supply.

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