Hypnosis at Home

Why clients Prefer Virtual Hypnosis

4/13/20231 min read

The wonderful part about hypnosis online is that you do not have to adjust to the scent, setting or directions to my office. One of the most important parts for hypnosis, is that you feel safe and secure, and of course comfortable.

I do not use my hands during the session, so you are not “missing out” on anything. My clients use their headphones, and just need to go in a room where they can close the door for the session to be effective. You get to be very comfortable for the session, in pajama pants and this will help you to relax even deeper. The more you are relaxed, the deeper you will go! I am very glad this technology allows for the same effects as in person, if not better! Another bonus is that Zoom allows me to record the session easily, for an added level of security for the client, especially if it is their first time doing hypnoisis.