Grounding to release Frustration & Fear

Grounding as an introduction to what Hypnosis is

8/14/20231 min read

grounding hypnosis
grounding hypnosis

Grounding as a daily practice to release frustration and fear.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of grounding - as a general tool in life, but especially when you work with emotions - your own or other’s.

The great thing about grounding using imagination is you can be in a building or apartment, so you can do grounding on your break or just to calm down in a couple minutes.

Emotions show up as sensations in the body. Grounding helps us to reconnect with our physical body. And only if we are in deep connection with our body (which most of us in today’s world are not 😉 ), are we able to access our deeper emotions.

Imagining your feet as roots and following the dialogue of the meditation and the story of pretending you are a tree, demonstrates what hypnosis is about when it is used

in a holistic way. This example of connecting to the earth and your stability shows you what is possible with "pretending" when your feet tingle, and your body relaxes so your mind relaxes too.

Here you can try it out and see how hypnosis can be applied in just a couple minutes.