Going Down the Stairs with Hypnosis

Why Imagination Requires this..

5/6/20231 min read

using stairs in hypnosis
using stairs in hypnosis

Done at the beginning of a hypnosis session, the hypnotist will often ask the client to picture a staircase once the client gets comfortable enough to close their eyes.

Walking down the stairs is a metaphor and relaxation technique to get the mind more relaxed into a state of trance.

During this descent down the imagined staircase, the logical mind gets more tired, and the imagination part of the mind becomes “activated”. It also serves as a signal that you are journeying into a deeper part of you, hence going down the stairs. We all know that the basement is a place that can have old forgotten objects, with a lot of sentimental value. Although descending down the stairs is only the beginning of the hypnosis, it is the first step for an effective relaxation to get the voices to quiet down.

What is the point of Imagining Going down the Stairs in Hypnosis?