Why are People Afraid of Hypnosis

Hypnosis can seem scary...

2/15/20231 min read

What is it about hypnosis that makes people scared? Many people are afraid of hypnosis for various reasons.

You have your eyes closed and you are trusting a stranger to reprogram your subconscious mind! It makes complete sense that you would be apprehensive about the process of surrendering to the process. Not only is there the trust element, but the fact that hypnosis has been performed on stage and has coerced people into ridiculous charades.

What benefit would I receive as a professional hypnotist to make fun of you or have the process not be relaxing and effective?

If you come to me committed to change your life, then that is what I am going to help you do. It is rewarding for me and my reputation to have your session leave profound positive effects in your life. I do not benefit if you do not benefit.