Using our Imagination as an Anchor

When our Imagination can help us feel Connected

12/6/20220 min read

Being Alone and our Imagination as an Anchor

Using my imagination to meditate was a game changer for me. It gave my mind something to do and return to; the script of the imagination story. One that you believe. That is why I want to share this triangle story we can use with our imagination and enter into a deeper state of relaxation and connection.The triangle is represented in the church by the holy trinity; father, son, and holy spirit. In new age practices, it represents mind, body, and soul. Many cultures also call the sky, father sky, and the earth, mother earth and us humans, the children. And in the imagination meditation, it is heavens, earth and us as humans beings. In Spanish, the word for heaven and sky is the same word, cielo, which is why I use the word heavens to include the other components such as ether,air..

My point in mentioning this, is to imagine in our meditations our participation in the triangle story. we are the culmination We can use this concept of the triangle when we are alone to bring us into a meditative state.

Check out my video below for an example of using imagination when your alone to anchor yourself into a good place: