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self hypnosis for self love
self hypnosis for self love

Become a non-smoker, you will receive the recording downloads, please do them as numbered and have one last cigarette ready for the appointment.

Self Love Hypnosis Session tame the voice of judgment. and love yourself more fully, embody the joy of being alive in your body

Cut the energetic cords you still have for this person and call back the parts of your consciousness that are still in that past relationship. You will also learn a technique to replace the cycle of thoughts that bring you down depression hill.

Embody confidence on a subconscious and therefore your energy field will exude confidence. In this hypnosis session, you will unlock memories of the past and transform the small insecure feelings into confidence and self worth.

The Spiritual Workbook is a course where you will uncover your emotions, soul desires, and energy management using guided self-hypnosis and journaling processes. It is not just love and light; the sections go into shadow work, heavier truths, and empowerment techniques.

We may hang on to baggage from our past to protect ourselves. When do we allow ourselves to drop that weight and take back the power over how we live our lives, instead of our past? A 25 minute hypnosis session you can do over and receive many benefits of a fresh slate