Shamanic Group Journeys

Twice a month online I facilitate virtual group healing circles. These circles are open for everyone. They are scheduled with the full moon and new moon every month. The one scheduled on the new moon will be for "Creation" and the one scheduled on the full moon will be fur "Releasing". The days of the circles vary every month so please contact me. They will be held on Skype.


• Relationship with your power animal
• Deep Relaxation
• Develop a personal strategy
• Manifest how you want to feel
• Vision of your future


• visit your younger self
• Recognize patterns, habit, or way of acting in your life
• Recreate your past stories
• Release resistance
• become honest with what you're holding onto


The circles are usually around 1.5 hours, depending on how many people attend. I also pull a card for each person, so that is why the time can be longer.


$25 via Paypal, Venmo, or Square

I record the Meditation segment is available for purchase here and can be used during any time you need a re-set

scrabble chips forming shift happens word near white feather
scrabble chips forming shift happens word near white feather

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Hypnotherapy uses more advanced linguistic patterns than meditation. You will have dual consciousness. Hypnotherapy is therapeutic approach that allows the client to enter into a relaxed state of mind to access the part of the mind that you are not aware of, the subconscious mind. Progressive relaxation is used, until you are guided into a state where we can journey into your subconscious and reprogram limiting beliefs or addictions. This is not like you see in the movies, you will be fully aware and remember everything.


• Reprogram & Uncover Root of addiction
• Release unhealthy habits
• Develop a personal strategy for confidence
• Learn new skills to deal with stress

Anxiety Management

• Acquire traits, knowledge, skills
• Record different experiences with subconscious
• Recreate your past stories
• Release limiting beliefs
• Get closure
• Meet power animal, ancestors


The ZOOM session lasts 90 minutes


$85 per hour