Release Guilt of Not wanting to Quit Smoking

not wanting to quit smoking yet can make you feel guilty every time you smoke


11/16/20211 min read

Sometimes we know we should stop doing something; stop drinking so much, stop smoking, but we don’t. It is our guilty pleasure, our way of rebelling against the healthy standards set upon us. 

We tell ourselves we do not want to quit smoking. All of our friends smoke and they seem to be doing just fine.

Maybe we have given up other freedoms in our lives, and this is one of our last vices that makes us feel alive.

But underneath it all, it is still a guilty pleasure.

There is not 100% enjoyment because there is a part inside of us that knows it is not for our best. 

Perhaps you yourself have quit but your partner or friends has not. You can pass on this video to them, so they can use the emotional freedom technique (tapping) to help them alleviate their guilt or heaviness surrounding their habit.