Taming the Anger Beast

Using your strength...


2/11/20220 min read

How do you tame your beast?

The Strength Tarot Card: Do you stand up for yourself? This card shows a girl that looks small and gentle, but she “ uses her inner strength” to tame the beast. Beasts live within us and among us..There is always more to see underneath the service. “You never know what kind of battle someone has been or is fighting inside. The strength can be the level of compassion and patience it takes to disrupt the pattern of reaction of self-deprecation. 

The strength shows not just when I won, but I see my strength when I lose too. Losing my temper or patience, I will see if my strength weakens into a downward spiral of blame or my strength shows me to slow down. Why do they say FLASH of anger, because it happens soo soo fast! Then before you know it this is rage. And does this show strength? It can if you are defending weaker ones. But the loudness of your voice or the volume of your fury does not show how powerful you are. Patience and observation are also power.

Tarot Card by Meredith Dillman from 78 tarot deck