Traveling Essentials for Sensitive People

Pack for your senses

6/19/20222 min read

Travel Essentials for your hotel room!

Traveling as an empath or a sensitive person, can be stressful knowing how many other people have been in the hotel or airbnb room or bed. You may feel weird vibes after you already paid for the room. So what can you do to help you stay in your own vibe when less than ideal situations threaten to tarnish your mood? Pack for your senses. Let's go to basics.

First sense is Touch. Pack an extra tapestry, fabric or large scarf. I tend to get creeped out over how often the sofa cushions are actually washed so I recommend packing a long piece of fabric where your bare skin will feel familiar texture is a bonus. I have also had friends that pack their own pillowcase. Or bring a tapestry with a goddess or symbol on it. Also bringing an extra one to put over the flat screen which usually face the bed area. So this one also counts for sight. Seeing your familiar tapestry draped over the couch will help you feel familiarity.Another one for sight: a mobile altar. A couple small crystals in a pouch and a smaller altar cloth on the coffee table will be so nice to help bring you back to your center after a long day in a new place.

Smell. I bring Palo Santo and cleanse the room or at least the balcony if there is a smoke detector. Also great choice is a D.I.Y essential oil spray so you can at least spray the pillows and curtains with your scent if smoke alarms are an issue.

Taste. Tea bags. I always pack tea because it feels comforting to drink and it saves money and for some people it also helps to stay away from drinking too much alcohol or snacks. Most of the times In a room is a coffee machine, si you can use it to brew yourself a cup of tea, since tea typically relaxes you and drinking coffee energizes you. Also at the airport the hot water is either free or maximum a couple dollars and Obviously tea is a relaxing experience to drink and can remind you of why your on vacation in the first place.

Bottom line traveling teaches you a lot about Yourself so before giving up on the idea of travel because there is too much involved, pack consciously ahead of time. If you have many fears regarding travel, please feel free to reach out to me to schedule a session to empower yourself and move through the fears so you can engage yourself in new experiences once again.

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