How to be Present when Anxious

How to be present with anxiety


3/29/20222 min read

I am feeling really anxious right now. There are so many things I need to do. Being present with the anxiety is important because it acknowledges the way you are feeling and gives yourself a sense of safety by being vulnerable. What you resist, will persist. Then ask is there anything I can do about this situation right now? Is there a message you can draft, or a few extra moments you can devote to breathing deeply and accepting that it is out of your control at the moment? If there is no action you can take, take the action of presence.

Ask yourself where am I right now? Asking yourself the most obvious questions will bring it back to the basics.

My name is ________________. I am in _____________________right now, naming the location you are in, including the city, state and country.

Next, start to notice all the sensations. Where are you sitting or standing on? Are your feet on the floor, or wearing socks? What are your hands touching? How does the clothing feel on your body? Is the temperature of the air cool or warm? Do you smell anything? Is there a taste in your mouth? Bringing your focus on the details of the present moment will help you relax. Because as you begin to notice all of these sensations, you realize that everything is currently okay. Whatever is going to happen will, and you have the confidence that you will deal with it to the best of your ability when the time comes.

Then confirm your beliefs. Do you have this faith in yourself, that you are able in fact to handle what is put in front of you? Be honest with yourself. What is your track record with handling situations that were making you anxious? What did you learn? There is a saying that says life will never give you more than you can handle. Is this something that you believe? Do you have that unwavering faith that you have the skills to handle the difficult times? So when the anxiousness hits, can you remind yourself of the times before the situation worked itself out and you were able to make it through?

Events in our past or child hood may have shaken up our confidence and ability to handle situations beyond our control. Are we even aware of when that happened? In a regression session, you are guided back to your younger years where you unite with the younger version of yourself before the trauma happened and you are able to merge with yourself and be the support you never had at that age. How is this possible without a time machine? Well it is possible to be led on this journey by being guided into a deep state of relaxation. To book your session and bring back parts of yourself that you thought were lost, call Annie 213-921-1667.