How to Calm Anxiety before an Interview or Meeting

Tips to calm Anxiety


3/24/20220 min read

Before an interview or meeting, we want to present the best version of ourselves and give people the impression we are competent and qualified for the work. To do this we can calm ourselves down by "coming back to ourselves." Our minds may be all over the place thinking of what they are going to ask, or what we need to prepare for. So we can bring all of that energy that is scattered in all of those thoughts back into our own bodies.

Lets try it out. Read this a couple times so you can remember what to do when your eyes are closed, otherwise you can watch the video on youtube to follow along with my voice.

Begin to draw your attention inwards and bring your focus down to your feet. Press them both down into the floor. Feel your feet pressing down. Now I would like you to turn on your imagination and pretend that you are growing roots from your feet like a tree. The roots from your feet are spreading into the earth connecting you. Through this connection you are able to breathe in all the resources the earth offers that allows all these plants to grow. Breathe in the nourishment the earth offers. Inhale it in. Breathe in the stability. Imagine the stability from the earth spreading through your whole body as you inhale. Visualize the brown color of the juicy soil is coming into you, integrating with this solid connection. Feel the stability and the reassurance from the solidity of the earth.

Good now come back to this moment and notice if you felt any tingling or sensation. That is how you can really know if it is working! And do not worry it works different for everyone you may not see the tree roots like a movie, but with your intention this connection will grow stronger each time you do it.

Why pretend you are a tree? Well this allows us to tap back into our own energy and connect to our source of stability. If we already feel connected and stable then we will not go into a meeting searching for validation or the job offering stability. We are creating our own subconscious stability already so we feel strength by being in our own presence.