The Struggle is Real

But so is your Motivation


6/2/20221 min read

The Struggle is Real but so are your Motivations

We talk about the struggle. But what is the point of the struggle? If you are struggling, you have the energy for motivation. Some of us may struggle to pay the bills, or struggle to have a balance with work and fun. Or struggle being single. We may struggle because it is going against what we want, and we are working so hard to get to that goal, of being rich, balanced, or in love. Remember that the struggle is our warrior energy that is fighting against the stream for what we want to achieve. Focus on your power and will that allows you to continue fighting each day for your loved ones, your kids, or your self! The relief always comes and you can be proud of yourself for not giving up on what you want and will be even more proud once you accomplish what your working for. But nourish yourself along the way and fuel your soul with rewards staying so motivated and keeping its desires alive.