Getting Inspiration from our Teachers

Jupiter and our Learning

10/13/20221 min read

Thursday is the day of Jupiter, big money higher knowledge and gurus.

The information that inspires us from the mouths of teachers that we look up to. Before I started having regular meditation and journey practice where I learned to visit other realms in my mind, I would wonder how these spiritual teachers know so much. I listened to them speak on youtube.

How do they know? I wondered...

Because they talk and it didn't sound like they memorized the speech, it was just beautiful information flowing through them. I asked one of my teachers how she knew so much about being “in the flow” and she said from meditating. This sounded too good to be true I thought she was just born with a special gift that no one else had. Yet the more I took time to search for a meditation that worked for me, and became obsessed with being me instead of just a combination of who I met in my life, I started to know more too. I knew my limits and what felt right for me to do. I heard about channeling.. And it just keeps growing…so every Thursday I honor the vibe of Jupiter on this day to listen to teachers that inspire me and research the economy. Information that empowers me…what empowers you on Thursdays?