Can Hypnosis help with Depression?

Hypnosis as a therapy for depression


5/19/20221 min read

For some people the addiction is not a substance, but a way of thinking. Thinking negative thought patterns and nervousness can loop over and over in the mind, and run a cycle that spirals down into powerlessness. This lack of motivation to change into a more healthy mindset can be depressing. Where does all the energy go to want to feel better? And how can you get it back?Hypnosis can help you get back some “pieces”. We have heard the sayings, I put my heart and soul into that project, or he will always have my heart, and there is some unexplainable truth to these statements. Where are those parts of ourselves that used to be so alive? Did we give them away? In a hypnosis session, you are brought into a very relaxed state so we can access the subconscious mind and reunite with the parts of your consciousness that are “stuck” in those memories. If it all sounds strange, that’s because it is, and that is the nature of the subconscious mind that perceives information in symbols and colors, not the same as the logical mind. The logical mind will question if it is all working, but the logical mind is the culprit that has brought you down into depression as it is anyways, so that is why hypnosis goes deeper and deeper.