Redeeming Ourselves through Soul Retrieval


1/7/20221 min read

We have all made mistakes. Our decisions to not have to continue to haunt us. Because everyday we get a new opportunity to decide differently. To stay mad or to let go of it little at a time. Everyone on this planet has suffered in one way or another.

Parts of ourselves can be left in those memories. The regrets, the stressful situations can come back into our thoughts before we go to sleep. Are we going to pretend it does not bother us? How can we comfort the younger version of ourselves? Would this make a difference in this present time? Does it matter whose fault it was? It is in your hands now to let go or keep holding on. You have resources to make yourself feel better. Because why would you keep thinking about that time when if a part of you was not still there?

When you do a soul retrieval you can reclaim those parts of yourself left in those past situations. Soul Retrieval is not a replacement for doctor visits for extreme cases of PTSD, but if you feel like you are ready to collect parts of yourself that feel missing, soul retrieval may be a trip for you.