Protecting our Energy

A simple spiritual practice to protect your energy

7/6/20221 min read

We get dressed, brush our hair, put on perfume. And this is all for our physical body. Whether or not we have a spiritual practice, acknowledging that we feel energy is undeniable. Feeling the effects of NOT having our energy protected, or being too open letting others in too easily can feel like heaviness, being drained or just tired. I want to describe a method to protect your energy and it only takes a couple minutes. This is as vital as bringing a jacket in case it gets too cold.

First step is to uncross your legs, and you can do this standing or sitting. Close your eyes and begin to bring your focus inwards. Take deep breaths, feel your shoulders settle down away from your ears. Turn on your imagination. Imagine there is a bright light above you. This light comes down and fills your body every cell. As your body gets filled with this light, imagine that this light surrounds you. This light surrounds you like a cocoon, the shape of an egg. Imagine that this light surrounds you is your aura, this is your protective shield. This light surrounds you. And you get to program it with what you want to attract. Beautiful opportunities, people on your same wavelength. What does your aura repel? Chaos, things that are not meant for you. You can also invite in any angels, like archangel Michael for another layer of protection to surround you and be with you.