How is Soul Retrieval Performed?


2/12/20221 min read

To perform Soul Retrieval I will need your hair, saliva, and your nail clippings............Just Kidding!!

First off, Soul Retrieval is not a performance, but a PROCESS. It is a guided journey that we will go on together. I will be your GPS. This is a process of going into your subconscious and surrendering your logical mind. You enter into the imagination realm of the subconscious where everything is perceived in symbols, colors, or a sense of knowing. You will be conscious throughout the entire session. It is not something I do for you while you are knocked out. No it involves your consent and participation, because it involves turning on your imagination. First you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation, and then you will be guided on the journey to collect parts of yourself that have been given away or stuck in the past.

It is an enjoyable process and feel free to call me to book your session to get the confirmation if this would be right for you.