Can Hypnosis help with Self Confidence?

How can hypnosis help with self confidence


3/11/20221 min read

Hypnosis is not just for entertainment purposes at the county fair. During a hypnosis session, your logical mind is not the one in charge. The subconscious mind that sees and feels in a different way is led on a journey. In this journey the subconscious mind follows the directions of the hypnotist. This journey can take the subconscious mind back in time or can lead it into the future. Reading this you may think this sounds like a science fiction movie, but the subconscious does not know the difference between real or imagined.

For some the phrase. you have to see it to believe it" is very true. Well under hypnosis you will feel it to believe it. Can you imagine the most confident version of yourself in the future guiding you down this road of powerful possibilities that the insecure part of you would never see? You will be guided to the state of relaxation where suggestions are loaded into you that confirm your confidence. Hypnosis has the ability to make your subconscious mind believe the confidence is a real part of you!

This can especially be helpful for teenagers who may have confidence issues from external sources such as likes or followers that dictate their levels of self assurance. Hypnosis for self confidence for teens is very effective because it teaches them how the feelings of confidence come from within, in their own inner sanctuary and not from an online platform. Please contact me to see if a session would be right for you or your teen.